Our Vision

To see a world filled with empowered global citizens capable of making the right choices at all times. 

Social skills are the behaviours, verbal and non-verbal, that we use in order to communicate and interact effectively with other people both verbally and non-verbally in social spaces. Our training workshops are tailored to help people improve their social skills so they can become socially competent individuals.​

We interact daily and it is very fundamental and important that we conduct ourselves in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courteous behaviour at all times. Nurturing Foundations was developed out of the realisation of the problems that exist due to the behaviour and actions of individuals, most especially young people, that lack consideration for the wellbeing of others.

We focus on prevention and early intervention as this is very necessary to support the next generation through lifelong learning thereby laying a solid foundation.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the focus of the work we do with children and young adults.

Our mission is to promote social inclusion and advance through education the subject of social skills.

We all have the right and ability to attain our maximum potentials thereby becoming empowered “global citizens capable of making the right choices at all times”.

We educate by using positive values to guide thinking and behaviour of everyone.

Our work is carried out in various ways including

  • Raising awareness

  • Information

  • Education

  • Support for children, youths and their families

  • Advisory services

  • Community cohesion and development

  • Social inclusion.


We do all these by fostering the value of empathy and inclusiveness thereby leading to peaceful societies.

These are done through:

  • Training for children, young people and the elderly

  • Interactive workshops which are stimulating and engaging 

  • Youth forum

  • Seminars 

  • One-to-one support 

  • Role modelling projects

  • Social skills groups