Summer Education Catchup Programme

Our programme to help with an excellent start to the new academic year

Young woman works from home

Has your child had loss of learning due to the Covid-19 lockdown?

Do you feel your child may struggle in the next academic year when schools reopen in September 2020?

Would you like your child to have a head start in their education before the new school year commences?

We would like to offer tailored ‘Catch UP’ supplementary education (Tuition classes) delivered by our qualified teachers and professionals online via live tuition on  Microsoft Teams to children in Nursery, Reception and Primary years who have been adversely affected by school closure due to the Covid pandemic lockdown. Our aim is to offer tailored personalised ‘catch up sessions’ for over 50 children some of whom are already using our services but have been adversely affected by the school closure. This project will also be opened up to anyone who could either be referred by their parents or by their teachers in school for having experienced several months of learning loss during the lockdown and as such under-performing in their mainstream school. Our programs are designed to follow the National Curriculum, so that these children can get the most out of their learning experience and have the best chances of achieving the highest attainment levels they are capable of. 


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